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March 2016

"To empower career development professionals by providing them with resources and opportunities for professional development, networking, and advocacy."

In this issue:
-Board's Welcome
-GCDA Mini Conference Keynote Feature: Daniel Seddiqui

-Event Recap: Spring PDI
-Upcoming Events
-Mini-Conference (April 22)


We are excited to announce that registration for our Mini-Conference on April 22 is now open! More information on speakers, topics, and registration link can be found below. Our keynote speaker will be Daniel Seddiqui, widely known for his "50 Jobs in 50 States" tour across the country. Daniel was the keynote speaker for the NCDA National Conference in 2012 and we are excited to have him speak to us!

Thanks to all of our attendees who were able to make it to our Spring PDI on February 28. A full recap is below. We look forward to seeing you at future professional development opportunities! 

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-GCDA Board

Keynote Speaker Profile: Daniel Seddiqui

Daniel Seddiqui’s resume is intentionally long. Although finding work after college graduation was a seemingly impossible mission, having failed 40+ job interviews, Daniel regained focus and found a new purpose by exploring America’s cultures, careers and environments. Each week, he arrived in a new state and found a job, but not just any job. His mission was to choose an industry that reflected the culture and/or economy of the state.

He’s worked as a baseball scout in Massachusetts, a coal miner in West Virginia, a meteorologist in Ohio, a music studio technician in Tennessee, an archaeologist in Arkansas, a petroleum engineer in Texas, a meatpacker in Kansas, a cartographer in North Dakota, a National Park Service ranger in Wyoming, a reverend in Nevada, a lumberjack in Oregon, a dietitian in Mississippi… The list is unreal.

In the midst of the recession, this was no easy quest. Learning to give himself an opportunity and understanding that life is what you make it, Daniel hit the road and when gasoline was at a historic high of $4.99/gallon. “I could’ve used every excuse in the book not to embark on this journey and how I would fail, but I was left at the point of desperation. I had an overwhelming spark of curiosity that my ‘why’ was strong, therefore the ‘how’ became easy.”

Now, Daniel encourages students to open up their worlds, be curious and learn from others. He understands that we have to set goals for ourselves in the classroom and in the real world, not to just go through the motions. “We have to apply and connect what we learn and recognize how it can benefit us.”

Taking risks, being adaptable, building a network, and having endurance are all part of the equation of persevering. Daniel shares with audiences that these are the five essential elements attributing to ones’ success. “Learning and challenging yourself is an incessant cycle.” Daniel has taken his 50 Jobs in 50 States endeavor as a tool for inspiration to “go the extra mile.” In his most recent mission, Daniel has challenged communities that suffer socio-economically to overcome adversity and use the power of people and existing resources to uplift themselves. He has visited the most obese town in America, for example, and fostered community-building to coach the town for a 5k road race.

We are excited to host Daniel as our GCDA Mini Conference Keynote Speaker and look forward to the wisdom he shares that we can use to positively impact our clients.

To get a taste of what to expect, you can see Daniel's TEDx video here

    Event Recap: Spring PDI

    On Friday February 28, the Georgia Career Development Association hosted Dr. Marian Higgins for a talk on "An Ethical Dilemma: Bias and the Implication for Career Development Professionals." Attendees received a welcome refresher on what bias is and how it impacts our profession. We also enjoyed a lively discussion on ethics and current issues.

    Thanks so much to all that could attend and we look forward to seeing you at more professional development events in the future!

    Upcoming Events
    GCDA Spring Mini-Conference
    Friday,  April 22, 2016

    Our Spring Mini-Conference is an all day professional development opportunity for career development professionals. Sessions will include tips on having a successful private practice, how to help clients contend with issues in the workplace, and best practices for employing assessments with clients. 

    Speakers include:

    Robin Schlinger -- Federal & Technical Resumes

    Lanie Damon -- Assessments

    David Harris & Charlotte Hayes -- How to Grow Your Private Practice

    Terry Wynne -- Employee Abuse in the Workplace

    Lisa Conley - -Workforce Development

    Julie Denise -- Career Transition via Franchise Business Ownership

    Judi Adams -- Target Company Search (List)

    Dr. Betsy Johnson -- Defining & Presenting Your Client’s Value to Employers

    Click here for more information and to register!


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