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Interested in Serving on the GCDA Board?

There are always opportunities to get involved with GCDA. We offer many ways that you can contribute, even if it’s simply volunteering at one of our events! If you’re interested in joining the board here are positions that we have:

Committee Chairs and Directors at Large 

Executive Board 

Committee Chairs lead us in – Marketing & Communications Co-Chairs and Membership Chair.

Directors at Large (currently vacant): each assist with different functions needed by our association and assist committee chairs. Each committee chair and director at large also sits on the leadership board along with members of the executive board. The leadership board meets once a month via teleconference. Committee chairs & directors at large are asked to serve a one term, from May 1-April 30.

Marketing & Communication Co-Chairs (currently vacant): Provides direction and oversight for the organization’s communication efforts to ensure communication with the membership. Some examples include writing and organizing a quarterly membership newsletter, sending out email communications to members, and marketing GCDA events to members, prospective members, and the general public. The communication chair also works with the web director to maintain the GCDA website with pertinent information.

Membership Chair (currently vacant): Provides direction and oversight for organization’s membership committee to ensure a welcoming environment for new and returning members. Some examples include processing membership applications and renewals, sending out new member communications, and tracking membership renewals. The membership chair also generates, along with the membership committee, ideas for recruiting new GCDA members.

Executive board members are selected via membership ballot each year in May. The executive board includes the President, President-Elect, Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each executive board member serves a one-year term, except for the Treasurer, who serves a two-year term. The executive board meets via teleconference or in-person for one meeting each month.

President: Provides leadership to the organization to achieve goals and maintain forward progression of the organization. Other responsibilities include leading executive board meetings, guiding the organization to achieve goals set by the leadership board, developing a nomination ballot for new officers, and maintaining an archive of important materials for continuation of the organization.

President-Elect (currently vacant): Provides assistance with leadership for the organization and supports implementation of mission and programs. Other responsibilities include performing presidential duties when the President is not available, facilitating leadership board meetings, recruiting committee chairs, and preparing fall PDI and Conference for the upcoming year.

Past President: Consults with executive board leaders and manages special projects. Other responsibilities include serving as the chairperson of the GCDA nominations and elections committee, assisting in recruiting members for leadership positions, and conducting elections and tabulating results.

Secretary (currently vacant): Keeps records of the executive and leadership board meetings and distributes those to board members. Other responsibilities include maintaining executive and leadership board rosters and updating as required, assisting the president in tracking meeting discussions and ensuring open items are closed, and maintaining a virtual document storage system.

Treasurer: Oversees the financial aspects of the organization and maintains the financial accounting. Other responsibilities include transferring money from Pay Pal account to bank account at least once per month, connecting with the accountant to prepare for end of year review/audit, file 990-N to IRS each year, and recommending to executive board any needed modifications in procedures for managing fiscal affairs of the organization.

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